Katie Devine

Outside of her playing sports her whole life, Katie has had direct experience in the fitness community for 7 years. Originally from Buffalo, NY she has traveled downstate to continue growing her extensive knowledge of the fitness industry. Throughout her time and experience in the field as a collegiate athlete, she has gained a BS in Exercise Science and Coaching, her CPT, been involved with personal training as well as sport-specific athletic conditioning, HIIT, and is also currently a Pro coach at [solidcore] pilates.

Katie has expanded her knowledge in the fitness industry to directly assist her clients with the everchanging modalities/training styles offered. Having an extensive background in HIIT, strength, and athletic conditioning classes, she is able to drive and motivate clients to reach their upmost potential based on their own goals. Her charismatic and upbeat personality tied in with team based encouragement and great bangers (music) are the recipe for a perfect class with Katie. She is always around to give you a hang, high-five, or bad dad joke to elevate your experience.

Katie’s ambition is to encourage people to find the true strength within themselves. Not all strength is physical, and some days we need the gentle reminder of that. We all have the best versions of ourselves within us, and Katie’s ambition is to help us realize that.