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Get to know Jaime

Jaime in the last 4 years has taken NYC fitness by storm working with some of the biggest companies in the industry. A NASM certified personal trainer, Jaime has a strong passion for Women’s Specialization and core techniques and is committed to continuing education in these fields.

“Knowledge is power,” is Jaime’s motto. If you are hungry to learn, Jaime promises to feed your brain and body with fitness education that will accelerate you to the next level. Jaime is committed to bringing a diverse and challenging class, whilst empowering you to achieve small personal victories throughout the session.

Born and raised in Australia, Jaime’s ambition landed her in a different country which she is continuously grateful for. Jaime’s never afraid of a new opportunity, and this pushes her to uphold a double life of a performer and fitness instructor, keeping her busy year round.

Jaime is super stoked to connect every member that enters the Ambitious space, so don’t be afraid ask questions and come say hey! @jaimefoord