Gabrielle Bolin

With over eight years of experience in the fitness industry, Gab combines her love of music, athletics and breaking self-imposed limitations to foster self-confidence in others. As an ACE-Certified Personal Trainer & CrossFit Level 1 Coach, Gab is passionate about strength training and the immeasurable impact it has on our ambition outside of the studio.

With tough love stemming from the belief that you are capable of far more than you realize, Gab’s class will always leave you feeling stronger and more confident, no matter where your ambition takes you.

Gab’s ambition leads her to continue to improve her fitness and unlock physical strength that manifests as emotional strength. She plans to continue to compete in CrossFit and pursue other things she never dreamed she’d be capable of.

Gab is a native New Yorker, a 12x marathoner, a lifelong Mets fan and the co-host of a podcast about movies. @gab.bolin